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An encouraging children's book about helping each other and how making friends can be as easy as just being included.


This book is also available as a coloring book.


"Because You Care for Beany Bear is a fun and colorful, interactive children’s picture book that follows Beany Bear on several different adventures. Beany Bear starts the story on his own in this rhyming adventure book and slowly collects a band of new friends along the way. Each animal friend is different and comes with a new lesson to teach young readers.


Christine Logan has written a charming children’s adventure story that seeks to educate children with simple rhymes and fun friends. New readers will easily pickup new words throughout the story, but I think this book is best read with an adult. The book is interactive and speaks directly to the reader, getting them to interact with the story and help Beany Bear in many of the varied situations that he finds himself in. There are several things throughout the book that the reader is supposed to find on the page,  these are often pointed out to the reader with arrows. 

The illustrations throughout this wonderful book are all exceptionally well drawn, vibrant, and welcoming. Each page is fully colored and has plenty of imagery for readers to indulge in. Because You Care for Beany Bear is really a collection of short stories that take Beany Bear on many different adventures with each one leading into the next one. The song at the end was the icing on the cake. I can imagine singing this song with my child every time we read this book as a fun way to end the story."


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Because You Care for Beany Bear

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  • It’s not always easy to make friends. This little orphaned bear cub was blessed with a heart for making friends easily. Beany Bear loved everyone he crossed paths with. His heart did not care if they were different than he was. He just liked to make friends.

    And when we make a good friend, it’s wonderful when you stay friends forever.

    Being different shouldn’t matter because we are all beautifully made and we all like to have friends and to be a friend.

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