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About Christine

Dedicated Excellence in Publishing.

Canadian Author

Christine J. Logan

Christine started writing at the young age of fifteen. Everything from doing her best from working many minimum paid jobs to enjoying life as a very proud mother and grandmother, has filled her life with so much to inspire her, she had to let it out.


Christine supports P.W.D. since 2008 and has been self-publishing her books since 2011. She lives a simple life with her loving husband and their beautiful cat, Snow White.

Christine’s accomplishments have led her to complete her third children's book. “What Should Hootie Do?” is about learning how essential owls are and promoting the Owl Research Institute. (Please read the back cover.)

Hootie tries to do the same things his human friends do. On the adjoining page, the children (my grandchildren) teach Hootie how to live and be proud of being an owl.

The owl, kitty and Blaire (big, happy squishy face) are my grandchildren's favourite stuffed toys. I hope you will enjoy the brilliant and colourful artwork from my illustrator. She has illustrated all three of my children's books. You will also find Rosie and Opie in my new book!

Christine Logan

a photo of Christine Logan with a purple shirt, dangly, butterfly earrings and a big smile
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