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Reviewed by Amy Louise Hill for Readers' Favorite

Holy Fruit Toots Rosie by Christine Logan is a story about a dog named Rosie who loves to run. One day Rosie eats the family's breakfast cereal; Fruit Toots. Unfortunately for Rosie, she is allergic and begins having hilarious reactions to it. The family stands and watches as Rosie sneezes and toots all around the house. After Mama calls the vet, they find out what they must do to make Rosie feel better. The vet suggests they get Rosie to "drink plenty of water, play, play, play, and to "poo, poo, poo." Find out what other hilarious antics Rosie gets up to in Holy Fruit Toots Rosie!

Children are going to love Christine Logan's book, Holy Fruit Toots Rosie. The story of Rosie's allergic day was hilarious from start to finish, and I've honestly never laughed as much as I did reading it. My favorite part of the book was when the cat fell over after Rosie toots for the first time; the illustration of the cat's reaction was perfect and had me in stitches of laughter. The book is meant to entertain and make you laugh, but at the end, there is a page of tips showing how to keep your dog healthy, and how to know when something is wrong. I loved that the author included this as our pets need to consume what is good for them, minus a few human treats here and there. I loved this book and read it more than once just to see the cat's reaction again. I hope to read more of Christine Logan's work and wish her all the best in her creative journey. I wonder what Rosie will get up to next?

Holy Fruit Toots Rosie!

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  • Rosie’s allergic reactions appeared suddenly after eating something she wasn’t supposed to. Calling the Vet is exactly what helped the family know how best to help Rosie.

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