H. W. Bryce

Writer and Poet

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H. W. Bryce came to poetry in a serious way when his wife was stricken with Alzheimer’s disease. It was his way to deal with the anguish and depression that strikes most family caregivers. Since then he has run the gamut of care giving experiences, and wishes to share his newfound insights. Born in Saskatchewan, he has worked and lived in Ontario, where he earned his BA in English and Journalism; Alberta, where he continued his journalistic experience as a weekly newspaper editor-reporter-photographer, et al; and in British Columbia, where he worked as a book editor. Mr. Bryce travelled extensively 

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through Portugal and Spain, North Africa, and the Middle East in the 1960s, before settling in England. There, he met the lady who became his wife. They had one child together in London, where he worked as a teacher. Later, in Worthing, Sussex, Mr. Bryce worked as a reporter with the Worthing Gazette and Herald. There, their second child was born. When the world economy struck England, he moved his family to Hamilton, Ont., where their third child was born while Mr. Bryce worked at the Hamilton Spectator. Today he lives and writes in Maple Ridge, BC.​


Through the close-up lens of his heart, Herb Bryce takes us on a journey into the hazy world of the Alzheimer afflicted. He paints a loving and tender picture with words of his life and love, gently unravelling the pages from the spool of his soul.

--Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster, BC

Wonderful how your words bring tears and memories back.

--Irene Nunez Martinez, London

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…thanks for sharing your heart with us! A family member has Alzheimer’s and I know (though not as deeply as you) the pain and loss when you watch someone you love slowly disappear before your eyes. HUGS.

--Jo Hannah Afton, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Together we trod the boards of life, Together we tread this stage, Together we grew and together we age–We travel together as man and wife. –H. W. Bryce

H.W. Bryce has already started writing his next book, My 12 Stages. 


This part Journal, part Memoir, follows the author’s agonizing and rewarding experiences through his wife’s gradual disappearance as a vibrant being and inevitable fading into helplessness. The struggles
inspired the author’s book of poetry, “Chasing a Butterfly,” and transformed him from “Not That Caring Person” to tender care giver and advocate in the cause to fight Alzheimer’s. He writes that the stress was such that writing poetry saved him from “going over the edge. In “My 12 Stages,” he follows his own progression in step with the 7 major stages of Alzheimer’s.

You can find his books here, through Friesenpress, Amazon and his website.